Magento Refer-a-Friend

Grow your customer base (and revenue) with a Refer-a-Friend Extension for Magento.

Build, manage, and optimize your refer-a-friend program by pairing Digioh with our flexible extension for Magento.

With Digioh, there are no commission fees, and implementation is included. We'll work alongside you to ensure your refer-a-friend program launches successfully.
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refer-a-friend pop-up for magento sites

How Refer-a-Friend Works

A refer-a-friend program allows you to tap into your most valuable marketing resource: your happy customers!
Customers invite their friends.

Show a pop-up or send an email encouraging customers to refer their friends.

Their friends get a coupon code.

New shoppers receive a unique discount code in their inbox, incentivizing them to buy.

It's a win-win!
Your customers get rewards.

When the friend makes a purchase, the referrer gets their reward automatically!

Your Program, Your Way

Referral Extension Features

Grow your customer base while deepening loyalty with your current customers.
Coupon Codes
Change the format, prefix, and suffix of your unique referral codes.
Set the reward amount, whether fixed or percentage discount.
Referral Rules
Add coupon expiration dates, reward exemptions, and other conditions.
Custom Emails
Customize referral emails, or send emails from your own email marketing system.
Admin Panel
Manage your program with flexible configuration and end-to-end tracking.
Pass referral data to your email platform, Google Analytics, Segment, and more.
Referral Hub
Allow users to manage their invites and see reward status in their user profile.
Pop-Up Teasers
Grow referrals with targeted pop-ups on idle, exit-intent, checkout, or other conditions.
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Website Banners
Display a user's unique referral coupon in a banner at the top of your site.
Personalize pop-ups and emails with first names or other collected data.
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Engage new shoppers with a quiz that recommends the best product for them.
A/B Testing
Increase conversions by experimenting with your referral campaigns.
Referral Extension

Build the best refer-a-friend program for your store.

  • Edit Coupons
    Set the reward amount, format, and expiration date.
  • On-Brand Design
    Customize pop-up teasers, banners, and reward emails.
  • Flexible Configuration
    Limit rewards, set exemptions, and revoke invitations.
  • Targeting & Personalization
    Increase referrals with targeted, personalized messaging.
digioh refer-a-friend pop-up builder
examples of refer-a-friend pop-up teasers
Pop-Ups, Teasers, and Banners

Promote your referral program with pop-ups.

Convert customers with fully-custom pop-ups and teasers. Target pop-ups based on exit intent, URL, source, and more. You can even personalize pop-ups with the visitor's first name!
Magento Quizzes

Gamify referrals with a quiz.

Increase conversions with a product recommendation quiz! Promote your Magento quiz in refer-a-friend emails and banners to help new shoppers find the perfect product.
add quizzes to your magento referral program

Integrate with Magento and more.

  • eCommerce Integrations
    The refer-a-friend extension plugs into your Magento store for easy configuration.
  • Email Integrations
    Push emails and other data to your ESP or CRM for full control of referral emails.
  • Analytics Integrations
    Pass all referral data to Google Analytics, Segment, or your business intelligence platform.

Double your conversion rate.

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