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Melanie is a marketing manager at Digioh. When she's not doing the B2B SaaS marketing thing, you can probably find her watching soccer, playing skeeball, or seeing a show. She lives in Austin, TX, with her 0 pets and 1 guitar.

How to Grow Your SMS Subscriber List (without Sacrificing Email List Growth)

Marketers have tough choices about which initiatives to prioritize. Fortunately, choosing between more SMS subscribers and more email subscribers doesn't have to be one of them.

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Quiz Funnels: 8 Ways to Add Quizzes to Your Marketing Strategy

From product recommendations to paid ads, here are 8 ideas for using quiz funnel marketing to generate more leads and capture zero-party data.

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Choosing the Best Lead Generation Software for Your Business

There's a lot of lead generation software out there. Where do you start?

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Reduce Email List Churn with Personalization

List churn isn't all bad, but it isn't all inevitable either. Learn how to use personalization to reduce unsubscribes and keep your readers engaged.

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Capture More Leads with Inbound Marketing Software

With the right inbound marketing software, you can capture and convert more leads.

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Shopify Quizzes: The Why and How

Learn how to create Shopify quizzes that drive sales and capture customer data with personalized product recommendations.

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Multi-Step Form Examples, Use Cases, and Best Practices

With conversational multi-step forms, you can break long forms into smaller steps, increasing your chances of conversion.

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How to Design a Preference Center That Retains Subscribers

Preference center design doesn't have to be boring! Here are some tips for designing a better preference page.

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How to Use Opt-In Pop-Ups to Grow Your SMS Marketing List

SMS marketing is efficient and effective, but you need a list to market to first! Learn how to create high-converting pop-ups that maximize SMS opt-ins and collect more phone numbers.

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Free Shipping Thresholds: How to Turn More Visitors into Customers

Learn how to optimize your free shipping threshold and promote it onsite with dynamic banners, cart abandonment pop-ups, and other conversion tactics.

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Boost Mobile Conversion Rates with Mobile-Friendly Forms

If your forms aren’t mobile-friendly, you’re probably missing out on conversions.

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Bronto End-of-Life: What about Your Pop-Ups and Preference Centers?

Bronto's End-of-Life is approaching. As you search for your Bronto alternative, don't forget about your onsite forms and preference centers.

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How a Product Recommendation Quiz Can Help Grow Your eCommerce Site

More and more eCommerce brands are turning to product recommendation quizzes. Here are 6 reasons why.

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Improve Marketing Attribution with HDYHAU Surveys

With post-purchase How Did You Hear About Us? (HDYHAU) surveys, you can improve marketing attribution with a clearer look at which channels lead to real revenue.

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Beyond Cart Abandonment: 5 Types of Site Abandonment

Many shoppers exit your site before they add a single item to their cart. In fact, only 14% of eCommerce site visitors will add items to their cart. So how do you convert the rest of these shoppers?

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